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CUBE Supporting the Limerick Lourdes Cycle 2016

Next Tuesday (June 14th) 19 cyclists, including actor/singer Keith Duffy, and 6 backup team will begin their 800km charity cycle from Nantes to Lourdes in order to raise funds for two deserving Limerick based charities – Cliona’s Foundation and the Limerick Lourdes Invalid Fund. This unique fundraiser was first held

Making the Move to .IRISH

You might have noticed our new web domain and email addresses– www.cube.irish/ sales@cube.irish. We’ve been asked many times “what is that?” “is that new?” so we’ve decided to write a blog post on it and fill you in. Dot-irish is a new domain name specifically for the global Irish community,

Presentation Folder

Make a Positive First Impression with your Business Stationary

Did you know that first impressions are made within the first three to five seconds of meeting someone? These opinions are shaped wholly on how we look and what we say during this initial encounter. Things like eye-contact, attire and tone of voice all have an influence. If you want

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Benefits of Direct Mail

Having recently completed a number of direct mail campaigns for clients such as Mr Binman and The Great Limerick run we decided it would make an interesting article for our blog. Great Limerick Run Corporate Direct Mail With digital marketing quickly overtaking the traditional methods of marketing, we decided to