At CUBE we are so committed to quality for our clients that not only do we use the most sophisticated Management Information System specifically developed for the printing industry but we also have a dedicated Quality Manager to oversee every project from initiation to completion.

Donal Power, Quality Control Manager, joined CUBE in 2013, initially as a Print Finisher and then as a Digital Press Operator. In 2013 CUBE began implementing the internationally recognised quality management system standard, ISO 9001:2008, it is Donal’s responsibility to manage quality control across the entire organisation. This role involves guiding CUBE towards improved performance and ensuring that CUBE’s products and services achieve the highest quality standards possible.

Managed by Donal the Tharstern Primo Management Information System ensures we can track every last item at every stage in the printing process. This ensures complete traceability of batches, files, for every job that CUBE has ever managed – giving our clients complete peace of mind that the right files go to print at the right time, every time.