Benefits of Direct Mail

Having recently completed a number of direct mail campaigns for clients such as Mr Binman and The Great Limerick run we decided it would make an interesting article for our blog.

GLR Direct Mail

Great Limerick Run Corporate Direct Mail

With digital marketing quickly overtaking the traditional methods of marketing, we decided to look at the benefits of direct mail campaigns. See the top 5 benefits of direct mail below.
Direct mail is proven to be more effective than e-mail. Here are some interesting statistics to back this up:
• According to a study conducted by DMA – when direct mail is sent to an existing customer, the response rate is 3.4%. The response rate for email is 0.12%.
• According to a study conducted by Ritter’s Communication – 50% of people pay more attention to direct mail than any other advertisement medium

Here are some of the reasons for these compelling stats:
It’s Tangible
Direct mail is felt. Therefore, when a customer picks up your mail and opens it – they are establishing a physical bond with your brand; something that e-mail is unable to do.
Some businesses boost their marketing efforts by including a gift such as:
• USB key
• Rubik’s cube
• Pen
• Memo pad
This makes the mail “lumpy” in order to press the recipient’s curiosity button and can really excite the potential or returning customer.
No Complicated Analytics
It’s easy to track if a customer has taken action with your direct mail. There’s no complicated analytical tools necessary – just measure the response rate of phone calls or vouchers that you receive back. These are some of the easiest ways to determine if the direct mail was sent out to the right demographic or not.
Your Calls Will Not Be Cold
Cold calling is one of the hardest tactics to master when you are trying to make a sale. It can take 100 no’s before you actually land an appointment. The good news is that when you send a mailer and follow up on it, you will no longer be cold calling; you will simply be following up. This means that the call will be much more warm and friendly.
Direct Mail Will Be Opened
Direct mail has a higher likelihood of being opened than e-mail. When you send a mail, your brand is physically entering someone’s household. Your direct mail seems much more like an invitation and much less like spam if it is done correctly.
Its Highly Targeted
One major advantage of direct-mail advertising is that it is highly targeted. A business can purchase mailing lists of potential customers through a mailing list distributor such The Billmoss Agency. Thus, customers receive only offers or information that meet their individual needs or buying habits.
By making direct mail a staple of your marketing strategy – you will tap into a new dimension of sales!

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