Bernard Dunne joins forces with Carambola

Bernard Dunne is probably best known for his boxing achievements and as performance and lifestyle coach with the Dublin senior football team, but more recently Bernard has committed himself to “giving back to the children of our community, and making their stars shine a little brighter.”

He is doing this in association with Carambola, a Limerick based company whose mission is to promote healthy lifestyle awareness in all children. A fantastic company who have been growing from strength to strength since 2003, and have delivered over 20 million healthy, nutritious lunches to school kids all over Ireland.

Carambola brochures printed by CUBE

Carambola brochures printed by CUBE

We have been printing for Carambola for over 4 years. This week their new booklets caught our attention and we enjoyed reading the services they offer and the positive influence they have on kids and their relationship with food.

According to Safe Food Ireland 1 in 4 children in Ireland is overweight or obese and obese children are more likely to become obese adults. Obesity in Ireland has become a massive talking point in recent years with new studies claiming Ireland is fast becoming the most obese country in the world.

Looking at these statements, it makes obvious sense to educate children early in life on healthy eating and exercise in order to prevent these statistics materialising. This is where Carambola have stepped in, they offer an extensive menu of wholesome, balanced lunches to school kids and use their brand mascots Cara & Bola to educate the children on healthy foods in a way they can understand.

Carambola also offer guest speakers such as Bernard Dunne and Carambola Founder Colm O’Brien to discuss topics such as self-belief, healthy lifestyle awareness, leadership, anti-bullying and nutrition during SPHE classes.

A really great service, keep up the good work Carambola and Bernard!