Hoteliers, are you making a good impression?

Everyday new guests arrive at your hotel. What do they expect and how can you meet and exceed these expectations?

Guests are looking for memorable experiences and services, so make sure they discover the same excellence from your printed collateral. With competition among hotels increasing, the challenge is to stand out from the crowd. Great looking printed material for your hotel will make a strong impression on your guests.
Tent card Printed material is often a huge player in shaping a guest’s opinion of a hotel. If restaurant menus are scuffed and dirty, is this a reflection of the kitchen? If the spa price-list has handwritten changes, does this represent the hotel as unprofessional and unorganised? If the hotel brochure is printed on heavy textured paper with gold foil embossing does this shout attention to detail and high-class? Subconsciously we all allow these tangible clues to shape how we feel about a place/ service. Unfortunately, all it takes is for spelling errors in a brochure or one spoiled menu to draw us into finding other flaws in the service that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

On the other side of things, we also acknowledge attention to detail – personalised letters, consistent branding, the weight of the printed material, its texture and special finishes such as spot UV or foil.
First impressions are everything and can set the scene for your guest’s entire hotel experience. Get it right the first time with printed guest communications that reflects your hotel brand.

If you would like to meet us to discuss your print requirements get in touch today. We have a number of time-honored relationships with 4 and 5 star hotels and understand the frustration and pressure surrounding quality, turnaround times and storage of printed collateral in the hospitality industry.

We will help you exceed your customers’ expectations while we exceed yours.