Design Studio Gets A New Look

Renovating our design studio was one of our priorities for 2017. Previously, the only way staff could move between the offices and the production floor was through the design studio. Understandably this traffic was a major distraction for our designers, especially when working one to one with a client. Not only this, but the studio was bland and lacked personality, which is completely opposite to the design team who occupy the space.

It was time for a change.

With the designers taking the lead on the interior and Martin Hartnett of Martin Hartnett Builders leading the construction, we think it worked out pretty well.
Take a look at the transformation photos;

A corridor was incorporated to redirect the traffic from the production floor to the offices. The studio now oozes personality, with quirky decals and our brand colours dotted around the room. The space is bright and airy, a haven for inspiration and creativity.