4-5* Hotels


We have a number of time-honoured relationships with many of the 4-5* hotels in Ireland. CUBE recognises the ongoing challenge of businesses in the hospitality sector, trying to identify new revenue streams whilst making savings through operational efficiency.

Dromoland Castle Hotel & Country Estate is one of the 5 star luxury hotel’s CUBE cater for. Located in county Clare the estate boasts over 400 acres of grounds and one of Ireland’s finest 18 hole golf course.

We continuously require large volumes of printed material that naturally requires a substantial amount of storage space – which unfortunately we don’t have. Cube have solved this challenge by providing us with secure storage solutions and inventory management. This allows us to keep a small amount of each stock onsite, knowing Cube will replenish it when levels run low.
– Debbie Hannon
Purchasing Manager


The Challenge

Dromoland Castle struggles with lack of space to store large volumes of print materials. In addition, monitoring inventory and replenishment of stock can be hard to manage.

The Solution

CUBE provide secure warehousing for print materials which are not needed immediately. These can be delivered on a just-in-time basis. CUBE provides a unique service to check onsite stock and automatically replenishes them when minimum stock level is reached.


  • Targeted and personalised mail campaigns.
  • Brochures, letterheads, business cards and all other stationery.
  • Indoor and outdoor posters, signage and display pieces.
  • Room, restaurant and conference stationery.